Maintaining a smaller circle of friends has helped me gain more real meaningful and honest friendships. Im as busy as a bee.

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If you need to leave a message make sure that you keep it brief and concise on what you really want to say.

What to say to a busy friend. Dear Lifehacker I have a friend who sometimes doesnt reply to my emails voicemails or even texts. The days of one-sided friendships are over and I know that my true friends love and accept me. More often than not people arent purposefully withholding appreciation theyre just busy and forget to give it.

They just want you to get to the point and say what you have to say. When you see me with someone else I hope you can understand. Keep going-you can do it.

Resist the urge to tell your friend how much busier you are than her. She may have her hands full just keeping her head above water if she has a lot going on. To form a social life an important step is to take the initiative to try to make plans with potential friends and not to wait around and hope they invite you out first.

Tell her that you realize now that signing your kid up for the travel volleyball team was a bad idea because now your Friday nights suck. Invite them along to a regular get-together you might be having with another friend. This is another cute message you might send to a friend who may not be struggling with a life-threatening illness but is too sick to go out for a while.

Hey I havent forgotten about you or how difficult this must be. You can chat and get to know each other as you both grocery shop or run the kids to their appointments. Tell her you are excited about your new project at work and you feel energized by the increased work load.

His Boss Is Really Mean. Your reaction Thank you. Here are 5 ways you can support your busy friend.

Make your friend feel attractive by saying your dating life is much less competitive. Just let him know you love him or are thinking of him and leave him with a smile. If your best friend is super busy dont wait on her to make contact to get together.

Some people say theyre not exactly sure how to ask someone to hang out. Or you know youve come across some quote or affirmation thats right up her alley. I have a fb friend I have never metwho has a busy social life.

Since bees are always flying around here and there working we often use this expression to show that we are busy. Ask them if they want to come with you to run an errand. Your friend just finished a weeks worth of work and nailed a recent project but his boss still found a reason to yell at him in front of a team meeting.

This article will give a bunch of examples of different ways to do that. Send A FunnyEncouraging Text Message Just Because You know the quirky texts or images that make your friend laugh. This expression means that we are very busy and we have a lot of work.

No texts I understand. Id love to. Or if she does it takes ages.

Use this expression to show that you are extremely busy. Let me know when youre available so I can make sure Im busy. Im so busy that I cant even.

No matter how busy someone is if they really care they will always find time for you. However be careful not to fall into an Im too busy attitude all the time where you believe your friends are required to cater to your schedule. So just shut up and hold them -- you dont have to think of the perfect words or speech.

Actions speak louder than words and theyre a lot easier to get right. No calls I understand. When you know your boyfriend is busy avoid bothering him with petty things.

So they dont need you to sugar coat your messages that much. At my age if friends havent kept up with you over the years its very hard to make new friends. 99 of the time your friend needs a great big hug an arm around the shoulder or a gentle pat on the hand.

20 Things to Say to Encourage A Friend 1. When one of your friends is upset help them by being there for them finding the right things to say and avoiding common mistakes. Let your friend know that you value the friendship and you want to be a part of his or her life and vice versa.

Although she would probably love to get together the thought may not have crossed her mind. Their time is highly valuable. Is there any way to ensure shell respond to them.

Busy people have little patience for evasive communicators who beat around the bush. The bonds you form are organic and are sure to last longer. Our lives may feel busy but no one is ever too busy for a friend who needs help.

Here are some ideas for including a lonely friend in your life even when youre busy. You might feel awkward or nervous about comforting a sad friend at first but with a little practice you wont have to worry about saying the wrong thing or making the situation worse. Life is about balance and if you consistently tell friends youre too busy they will eventually walk away.

She sends him a scathing email almost. Ask how that could be possible discuss ways and agree on how to better keep in touch. Tell your friend that you miss spending time together and that youre feeling hurt and sad that they are always busy.

Leave the parts that are unimportant for later on when hes not busy anymore. Youre showing a lot of strength. What a wonderful idea.

Show them some love.

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